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Weird spoiler

Forget about the Porsche, what about the weird spolier on the testarossa?!

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Ferrari Testarossa Go-Kart

When originally offered in the 80’s to luxury consumers with too much money, the Ferrari Testarossa sold at such premium stores as FAO Schwartz and Neiman Marcus for more than $50,000. Over twenty years later, the St. Louis Car Museum & Sales is offering one for less than half that.

The hand-built Testarossa kart is powered by a 5hp Briggs & Stratton engine coupled to an automatic transmission with two speeds plus reverse. It features an electronic ignition, a Momo steering wheel with working horn, CD stereo, fully functional lights and signals (including retractable headlights), an independent suspension, hydraulic rear disc brakes and adjustable seats, all backed up by a 12-volt electrical system. The fiberglass-bodied kart measures 111″ long and at 615 lbs will top out at 30 mph.



Testarossa02Sc8, originally uploaded by BlueGTV.


Is this for real?

Ferrari Red Head

Ferrari Red Head, originally uploaded by Steve Kay.

LEGO Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa (5), originally uploaded by Mad physicist.

Ferrari 512TR Testarossa

Ferrari 512TR Testarossa, originally uploaded by pat_ernzen.

Kyosho Ferrari Testarossa 1:43

Ferrari Testarossa Kyosho a Sc43, originally uploaded by BlueGTV.

Fatal crash

Almost crash


Miami Vice - first testarossa episode

Las Vegas babe

Girl in Ferrari

Girl with Ferrari, originally uploaded by Giuz.

White Ferrari Testarossa - very Miami Vice.

Miami Vice version of the Ferrari Testarossa

Bburago Ferrari Testarossa 1:18

Ferrari Testa Rossa, originally uploaded by Photomechanica.

1988 Ferrari Testarossa on the road

Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa, originally uploaded by THEjdawg.

Wrecked by a tree

Ferrari Testarossa, originally uploaded by Fritiof Eriksson.

Wrecked by a tree

Ferrari Testarossa, originally uploaded by Fritiof Eriksson.


_MG_2327.jpg, originally uploaded by jonlarge.


_MG_2328.jpg, originally uploaded by jonlarge.


_MG_2330.jpg, originally uploaded by jonlarge.

mirror mirror...

_MG_2331.jpg, originally uploaded by jonlarge.


testarossa, originally uploaded by Toni_V.

which butt do you like better?

ferrari Testarossa, originally uploaded by planb#1.

Purchase day in UK 2006

Purchase day in UK 2006, originally uploaded by fer512testarossa.

1988 Ferrari Testarossa REH01

1988 Ferrari Testarossa REH02

1988 Ferrari Testarossa REH04

1988 Ferrari Testarossa REH03